The Top Knot Turban Mom and Me Set

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The Top Knot Turban Mom and Me Set
The Top Knot Turban Mom and Me Set

Turban Hats and Headwraps aren't only for bad baby hair days and winter...

Head covers are a necessity for babies, in any and every season and is such an integral  part of any baby and toddler outfit, it is not something to be over looked and definitely should not be the boring part of the outfit. Baby Makia Turbans add warmth and style to any baby or toddler outfit and we have a matching ladies size for mom to give you that Mommy and Me look with matching accessories.  

  • Is made from a stretchy fabric
  • Comes in glorious mustard, pink and mint colours
  • Uses no elastic bands that could hurt your baby or tot
  • We have meticulously hand twisted the top knot on each turban
  • Our Baby Sizes fit 34cm - 42cm head circumferences comfortably and that includes the average head circumference of a newborn which is 35cm according to the World health Organisation.
  • Our Kids Sizes fit 42cm - 50cm head circumferences comfortably
  • Our Mommy Size fits 50cm - 60cm head circumferences comfortably


* Turnaround time of 1 week *
Each item is handmade and handcrafted!

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