Privacy Policy

What information does Baby Makia Collect?

We receive and store any information you have opted to share with us. This could be all details needed to courier your parcel like your telephone number, your address and your email address. This also includes the information given to us when you sign up for our newsletter. We may communicate with you if you have given us the means and permission to do so through signing up for our newsletter or having a customer profile created by us manually which automatically signs you up for our emailers. You may unsubscribe at any time. 


Every time you interact with our website, we receive and store information automatically as other e-commerce sites do that may include your IP address, geolocation, device identification, cookie information, the type of browser you used and the page or product of ours that you visited and interacted with. None of this is personal information and all of it is merely analytical. We do not receive information from third party sites. We are not responsible for the cookie management and privacy policies of any other third party sites. You may adjust your browser settings to manage the information you allow to be collected. We may use this information to create content customized specifically for you and suited to the usage behavior you have shown on our site. 


Through cookies we place in your browser, just like everyone else, we may collect more knowledge about your online activity, and this enables us to improve our services and make your browsing experience awesome and tailored to you. Your browser will have a "Do not Track" option that you can enable, that will discontinue tracking of you browsing. Please however familiarise yourself with the repercussions of your user experience not only in our store, but all your browsing and internet usage when cookie tracking is turned off. 


Why is the data collected?

We collect the data mentioned in order to customize your browsing of our site. We want to make our products and services as personalized as possible, and use this information to give you a customized experience, to give you customized offers and give you customized content. We also use this information for targeted and segmented advertising on Google and Facebook. 

We use this data to enter into a contract with you for example, when you buy our products, we enter into a product, service and delivery contract with you. 

We use this data where we need to comply with regulations for example keeping record of our sales for SARS.


Payment Processing

Baby Makia makes use of Payfast as our trusted payment gateway or we supply our banking details for EFT's. Payfast is SA's most trusted payment gateway and conduct all their transactions according to the Payment Card Industry (PCI) security standards (which are very high!). They are a PCI DSS Level 1 Service Provider – the highest security level possible. Baby Makia never ever see's your card number, CVV number, Account numbers etc. 


Sharing of you information

We will never share your information with any third party or business. We are the only ones who see it and use it to put it plainly.