Care Instructions

Here are some tips on caring for your Baby Makia goodies:

Turbans and Headbands:

  • Cold Handwash
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not iron. We're serious. Do not touch it with an iron. Don't even think it :) Our turbans are made from a stretchy Lycra fabric and in production we use good old thread and a specialized glue. This glue hates heat! Ironing will definitely ruin your turban. 
  • We suggest storing your turban in a flat position or pull it over another hat or cap in your closet.
  • If your turban ends up getting wrinkled, do exactly as above and pull it over another hat or cap or even a round polystyrene ball to open up the wrinkles and let them settle out. You can even pull it over your head and wear it for a bit to shake out the creases.

Printed Onesies and Tee's:

  • Cold Hand wash
  • Do not Tumble dry
  • Hang the garments on a line and smooth them out before they dry
  • We recommend not ironing your items, but sometimes they do end up with creases and it looks especially bad when the prints are creased. If this happens to you, please turn the garment inside out, cover the printed area with baking/wax paper or a thin clean rag or piece fabric and iron over that untill the garment is no longer creased. 


  • Rinse with warm soapy water before each use
  • Discard immediately when you see the item has damage or becomes worn from those tiny little gnashers. 

Shweshwe Slippers:

  • Handwash in cold water
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Reshape whilst damp
  • comb through fur when dry, to restore the fluffy warmth